One man from Ansar Dine Islamic group for Mali. Pipo for Sokoto State say di Islamic preachers na foreigners

One new group of some pipo wey claim to dey preach Islam but carri heavy weapons, don appear for Sokoto State, north west Nigeria from neighbouring Niger Republic.

One pesin wey dey live for Tangaza LGA for Sokoto State wey speak to BBC Hausa, say di group enta some villages for dia local goment about two months ago.

Di man wey beg BBC not to put im name for security reasons, add say di group dey move from village to village dey collect Zakkah (Islamic tax) and dey flog pipo wey dem feel say disobey Islamic laws.

E add say di group members wey reach 200 in number include some white pipo (Tuaregs) and Arabs wey cover dia heads and carri ogbonge weapons.

Di man also tok say di group dey carri young young pikin dem enta bush wia dem dey teach dem different tins and as dem dey return, dem go give dem free motorcycle.

Aminu Waziri Tambuwal
Govnor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of Sokoto State

Tangaza local goment for Sokoto dey very close to Niger Republic so na easy entry for dem and na wia di group dey operate from for now.

Dis tori don dey create fear for pipo wey dey dis region and as at dis time, security officials neva confam wetin dey happun.

E neva too tey wey anoda group wey dem dey call Hakika show face for Adamawa and Nasarawa State.

Islamic clerics dey tok say di emergence of groups like dis na serious threat to Nigeria security especially as Boko Haram issue still dey go on.