PANIC In Osun state as Ogboni Fraternity vows to Kill a 36-old man and his Family For refusing to join them

The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity claims not to be a secret society. They said it is a religion in character based on the belief in the Fatherhood of God; Brotherhood of man and the immortality of souls but what is surprising is news making rounds on social nedia about the Osun state leadership of Reformed ogboni fraternity who have vowed to kill a 36-year-old man named Owolabi Quadri Gbolahan with his wife Owolabi Abosede Seun, 34, and children for refusing to subscribe to the cult secret oath, taking his father position in the cult and failure to submit his wife and daughter for Female Genital Mutilation.

Ogboni Secret Society overview

The Ogboni secret society was (and is) very powerful, highly influential in the affairs of the state and leadership. A secret society to the core, the practices of the Ogboni is hidden and not revealed to the public. Its members are hardly known.

Ogboni fraternity cult: rituals, symbols, hand sign, human sacrifice

Growing up in Nigeria, we have been made aware of secret societies and cults made of powerful men who control the destiny of this nation. One of such societies we have heard about is the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity. R.O.F gets its name from the Yoruba cult Ogboni. This secret society has been around since ancient times and indigenous to the Yoruba nation.

Reformed Ogboni Fraternity

The traditional cult group in Osun state had in one of its recent bulletin listed Owolabi Quadri Gbolahan’s family and few others as enemies of the fraternity who must not get off scot-free.

Ogboni fraternity cult: rituals, symbols, hand sign, human sacrifice

After succeeding in killing Chief Mrs Florence Owolabi who is the mother of Owolabi Quadri Gbolahan in March 2018, we heard that the Ogboni cult group also killed Owolabi Kazeem who is the younger brother to Owolabi Quadri Gbolahan recently.

Ogboni fraternity cult: rituals, symbols, hand sign, human sacrifice

At the time of this report, the whereabouts of Owolabi Quadri Gbolahan, his wife Owolabi Abosede Seun and their children is still unknown. They were seen last in the Church sometimes in February 2018 and our hope is that Mr Owolabi Quadri Gbolahan and his family are in a safe place where the long arm of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity cannot reach to execute their nefarious plans on them.

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The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity has its membership across the different stratar of the Nigerian Society and its activities are often unchecked by the Police authority. Though versions of this fraternal group are found among the various types of Yoruba states – from highly centralized kingdoms and empires like Oyo, to the independent towns and villages of the Ègbá and the Èkiti – the Ogboni are recognizable for their veneration of the personified earth (Ilè or Oduduwa) and their emphasis on both gerontocratic authority and benevolent service to the community. While membership in the Ogboni generally signified a high level of power and prestige

Do you beleieve Ogboni confroternity is not secret cult?