Crowd cheers Queen’s arrival at Sandringham church after Prince Philip crash

Well-wishers concerned for the Duke of Edinburgh after his crash were among those who greeted the Queen at a Sunday service on her Sandringham Estate.

Dozens of people greeted the Queen at a church about two miles from where her husband crashed

on Thursday.

Prince Phillip was not hurt in the crash, but a woman fractured her wrist.

GARETH FULLER/PA WIRE The Queen was greeted by dozens of well-wishers for her visit to St Peter’s Church

Jane Watson travelled to St Peter’s Church with a group of friends from Northamptonshire and called the duke “a role model for a lot of people”.

She said: “At his age he should be more careful as he was putting himself and other people at risk.”

Jane Watson
Jane Watson travelled from Northamptonshire with friends out of concern for Prince Philip

The Queen arrived in a chauffeur driven Bentley and was accompanied at St Peter’s Church at Wolferton, Norfolk, by the Duke of York.

Her husband, who had not attended services during the festive season, was not present.

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Bell family
Jude Bell, five, and his parents were among those gathered at St Peter’s Church

Among those gathered outside to cheer Her Majesty’s arrival was Jude Bell, five, who had brought his parents Gary and Sophie and baby brother in the hope of seeing the Queen.

Gary Bell, 30 from nearby West Winch, said his son had been smitten with the Royal Family ever since watching the Royal Wedding on television.

Dozens of people gathered outside the church on Sunday morning

Matthew Rayner, 16, from Norwich, was at the church with his mother Susan, and said he came to see the Queen at church every weekend possible and was building a collection of photographs of the Royal Family.

David Margerson, 55, and Morgan Toner, 46, said they often came to Wolferton when the Royal Family visited because they could be assured of getting up close to them there.

Mr Margerson said at the road junction where the duke had his accident, he would have been driving in to the sun which was low in the sky that late in the afternoon, at this time of the year.

Margerson and Toner
David Margerson and Morgan Toner had travelled down from Louth in Lincolnshire to Wolferton

Norfolk Police has had cause to speak to Prince Philip again, it has emerged, after he was photographed driving without a seatbelt only 48 hours after the crash.

Emma Fairweather, who was travelling in the Kia involved in the collision with the duke’s Land Rover, told the Mirror he had not apologised.

Prince Philip driving near Sandringham Estate on 19 January 2019
Prince Philip was spotted driving a replacement Land Rover Freelander on Saturday

About 70 well-wishers gathered to greet the Queen earlier at the service.

It is customary for the Queen to visit nearby churches for formal-invite only services when she is at Sandringham.

This visit had been planned for some time and there was a large police and official security presence around St Peter’s Church.

The congregation of more than 50 people of all ages was asked to present invitations for inspection before police allowed them to enter.