Newspaper headlines: IS bride pleads for sympathy

By BBC Newslight

The Daily Telegraph leads on comments by Shamima Begum, who left the UK as a schoolgirl four years ago to join the Islamic State group in Syria, that she should be allowed to return after she gave birth to a boy over the weekend. She has named him Jarah, after one of her two previous babies who died.

Metro front page 18 February 2019
The controversy surrounding Ms Begum also features on the front of the Metro, which leads with the headline: “Jihadi bride: I deserve sympathy”.
The Daily Mirror front page on 18 February 2019
The Daily Mirror, meanwhile, focuses on Ms Begum’s statement that she initially had a “good time” after arriving in the Islamic State-controlled territory in 2015. The 19-year-old has said she does not regret joining the extremist group.
The Sun front page on 19 February 2019
The Sun responds to the teenager’s request for pity by saying: “You must be kidding.” It quotes Conservative MP David Davies as saying: “The only thing she regrets is that IS [Islamic State] lost.”
The Times front page 18 February 2019
The Times reports that a teenager on the same flight to the Middle East as Ms Begum was never prosecuted, despite police finding extremist material in her possession.
The Daily Express front page on 18 February 2019
The Daily Express hails a new medication for arthritis that it says is “game-changing”. Scientists are testing the drug – known as APPA – on humans after finding it relieves pain from osteoarthritis in animals, the paper reports.
The i front page on 18 February 2019
The front of the i carries a warning that universities could be pushed “to the brink” by rising pensions costs. The latest figures show the institutions will need to pay an extra £222m over the next two years to meet increased employer pensions contributions.
The Guardian front page 2019
Social media giant Facebook has deliberately broken privacy and competition law and requires urgent regulation, according to a parliamentary report featured on the front of the Guardian. MPs dubbed executives at the company “digital gangsters”.
The Daily Mail front page on 18 February 2019
The Daily Mail features an investigation into the online bookies Bet365 on its front. It found gamblers who lost large amounts of money were given incentives to keep playing. A Bet365 spokesman said the company went “above and beyond” to protect its customers.
The Daily Star front page on 18 February
The Daily Star reports that Britain is forecast to have the hottest February on record, with forecasters predicting temperatures as high as 20C.
Financial Times front page 18 February 2019
The Financial Times reports the UK government is set to undermine US efforts to persuade its allies to ban the Chinese technology firm Huawei from 5G networks. US officials say the company could help China spy on them, but the UK has found there are ways to limit the risks.