Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will this week try to force a vote in Parliament to declare a “national climate emergency”, reports the Observer. The paper says government “has spent only a fraction” of the £100m allocated in 2015 to support clean air projects. The story comes after more than a week of demonstrations around the world by Extinction Rebellion – the activist group calling for a drastic reduction in carbon emissions.
Mail on Sunday
The Mail on Sunday leads on an investigation into farms that breed lions to be shot by trophy hunters or used in “Far East” medicine. The investigation – led by former Tory peer Lord Ashcroft – says some of the lions were shot in fenced enclosures while others were taken to “squalid slaughterhouses” before being “shot in the head and butchered”.
Sunday Express
The Conservative Party is set to lose more than 1,000 seats in the upcoming local elections, according to the Sunday Express. The paper says Theresa May’s failure to deliver Brexit by the original 29 March deadline means “party bosses” now fear voters will desert them in protest. The Express adds some in the party are in “complete despair” as both Remain and Leave donors are “refusing to fund party operations and the Tories are out of money”.
Sunday Telegraph
China’s ambassador to the UK has joined the debate about the possible use of Huawei technology for the UK’s new 5G network. Last week, details from a National Security Council meeting about the possible risks of using the Chinese company’s technology were leaked to the Telegraph. But writing in the paper, Liu Xiaoming has urged the UK to resist pressure from the US and Australia, who have both suggested caution on the matter due to the company’s alleged closeness to the Chinese government.
Sunday Mirror
The Sunday Mirror reports that police are investigating how pictures of dead footballer Emiliano Sala’s body were posted online. Sala’s plane crashed en route to Cardiff after leaving from France. He was due to sign for Premier League club Cardiff City in a £15m deal.
Sunday Times
“Red money” from China and Russia is “swirling through Parliament”, according to the Sunday Times, which reports ministers plan to launch “a sweeping clean-up of public life” to solve the issue. Ministers reportedly want to force those in the House of Lords to “declare the full extent of their Russian and Chinese business interests”.
Sunday People
The daughter of convicted murderer Joanna Dennehy has given an interview to the Sunday People. Dennehy’s daughter has told the paper her mother “should never be freed” from prison.
Daily Star Sunday
Tictoria Beckham is set to “make a shock return to the Spice Girls”, reports the Daily Star Sunday. “Posh” will apparently join her former bandmates at one of the nights on their summer tour.

The Sunday Telegraph leads with an intervention by Beijing in the row over the potential involvement of Chinese company Huawei in building Britain’s 5G mobile network.

The paper reports that the Chinese ambassador to the UK has urged the government to resist external pressure over decisions on Chinese companies and make “independent” choices – an apparent reference to US warnings about allowing Huawei to supply technology.

The ambassador has written an article for the paper insisting that Huawei has a “good track record” on security.

According to the main story in the Sunday Times, a report states that Huawei is nearly 99% owned by an entity answerable to “a core branch of the Chinese party-state apparatus” – and allowing the company access to the mobile network would be “highly prejudicial” to security.

The paper says the report – by the Henry Jackson Society think tank – warns that it’s “high-to-certain that Huawei acts on behalf of China’s intelligence organs”.

The paper also says the government is backing a change in House of Lords rules to force peers to declare the full extent of their Russian and Chinese business interests.


According to the Mail on Sunday, thousands of lions in South Africa are being bred to be killed by callous hunters, or slaughtered so their bones can be turned into medicines and trinkets sold for huge sums in the Far East.

The paper says some of the animals are shot in fenced enclosures by wealthy trophy hunters who pay thousands of pounds to kill them for kicks.

For its main news, the Observer reports that Labour is to force a Commons vote on declaring a national environmental and climate change emergency, as confidential documents show the government has spent only a fraction of a fund allocated to support clean air projects.

The paper says the move will place Conservative MPs under pressure to back the plan or explain why they refuse to do so.

The Sunday Mirror declares its support for halving carbon emissions within the next 10 years.

But the Mail on Sunday warns that while there needs to be proper concern for the future of the planet, rigid adherence to abstract targets and top-down dogmas will strangle the economy.

The Sunday Mirror also reports that more than 300 nurses took their own lives between 2011 and 2017.

According to the paper, at one point, a nurse was committing suicide every week – with the figure overall nearly a quarter higher than the national average.

The paper says victims’ families have called for early mental health training and support for young nurses – and an end to a bullying culture that leaves them afraid to ask for help.