Eurosceptic ministers fear Theresa May is preparing to "cave in" to Labour demands on Brexit and agree to a form of customs union "in all but name", reports the Daily Telegraph. The paper says the PM appears increasingly convinced that securing Labour support is the only way to pass her deal.
Eurosceptic ministers fear Theresa May is preparing to “cave in” to Labour demands on Brexit and agree to a form of customs union “in all but name”, reports the Daily Telegraph. The paper says the PM appears increasingly convinced that securing Labour support is the only way to pass her deal.
Guardian front page - 01/05/19
The main story for the Guardian is Labour’s support for a further referendum on Brexit – under certain circumstances. It says there was anger after Jeremy Corbyn faced down a challenge calling for the party to signal its unequivocal backing for a fresh vote.
Sun front page - 01/05/19
The Sun reports there has been a outcry from some shoppers after Marks & Spencer removed gelatine from its popular Percy Pig sweets. The move makes the products suitable for vegetarians – but some fans complain the taste has changed, says the paper. M&S says it has responded to customer demand and the flavour is the same.
Times front page - 01/05/19
A photograph of a bloodied opposition protester in Venezuela features on the front page of the Times. Armoured vehicles ploughed into demonstrators in Caracas and the country’s would-be president Juan Guaidó appeared with defecting soldiers, the paper reports.
Daily Mirror front page - 01/05/19
The Daily Mirror leads on the death threat sent to TV presenter Chris Packham after he campaigned for measures to protect birds from being shot. “They want me dead… but I won’t be silenced” reads its headline.
Daily Mail front page - 01/05/19
The front page of the Daily Mail features a photo of Theresa May and five other female cabinet ministers with a major Tory party donor – the wife of a former ally of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The paper says Lubov Chernukhin paid £135,000 at an auction for the dinner event.
Daily Express front page - 01/05/19
“Is this the end of free cashpoint machines?” asks the Daily Express. Its front page reports figures showing that a rising number of ATMs impose a charge, following a change in the fees the machine operators are paid by banks.
i front page - 01/05/19
The i leads on the first day of a public inquiry into how thousands of patients were infected with contaminated blood in the 1970s and 1980s. Victims have given “harrowing” and “chilling” evidence, says the paper.
Metro front page - 01/05/19
The Metro reports on the jailing of ex-Worcestershire cricketer Alex Hepburn for rape. The 23-year-old was found guilty of attacking a woman after setting up a sexual conquest “game” with a former team mate.
Daily Star front page - 01/05/19
Australian cricketer James Faulkner is the subject of the Daily Star’s main story after he issued a statement clarifying he had not come out as gay – saying there had been a misunderstanding about a social media post.
Financial Times front page - 01/05/19
The Financial Times leads on US-China trade talks – reporting that Donald Trump has softened his position around claims Beijing was behind commercial cyber theft in an attempt to secure a “swift” deal.

Many of the papers feature front page pictures of the protests on the streets of Venezuela.

Protesters in Venezuela

The Financial Times has a striking image of a middle-aged man in a suit throwing a tear gas canister back to soldiers, who fired it at a group of civilians.

The Times has a photograph of a shirtless protester, who appears to have been shot by a rubber bullet. The paper says armoured vehicles ploughed into anti-government demonstrators in Caracas – causing serious injuries. It describes Juan Guaidó’s call to action as “his boldest and most risky move” since he declared himself the country’s president in January.

The Daily Mail says Mr Guaidó has called on Venezuelans and the armed forces to back him in mass street protests today to mark May Day.

No civil war

Meanwhile, Brexit is back on the front pages with the Guardian reporting Jeremy Corbyn is facing a backlash after blocking calls for Labour to unequivocally back a new referendum.

Pro EU supporters outside the Labour NEC meeting
Pro EU campaigners canvassed the Labour NEC meeting

The paper notes that the wording of the party’s policy in its European election manifesto “falls well short” of the position set out recently by the deputy leader, Tom Watson, and the shadow Brexit secretary, Sir Keir Starmer.

The website of the New Statesman says Labour has avoided a civil war – after the party’s ruling body agreed the compromise position. It concludes that the National Executive Committee “has agreed to keep disagreeing”.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Eurosceptic ministers fear that Theresa May is about to “cave in” to Labour demands on Brexit.

It says the prime minister’s announcement that she wants to end the cross-party talks next week, has added to suspicions she is waiting until after this week’s local elections before announcing a climb-down.

The paper says the Chief Whip, Julian Smith, is understood to have told Cabinet ministers it was “time to get real”, as they were presented with a document setting out the risks of holding another Brexit vote without Labour support.

The front page of the Daily Mirror features a death threat sent to wildlife presenter Chris Packham.

The letter describes him as “a nasty piece of work” and states “we want you dead” after he led a campaign to stop wild birds being shot.

Chris Packham

The Springwatch host tells the paper he will not be silenced or swayed from his cause, adding that “there are too few people fighting to protect our environment”.

Drugs in waterways

With many papers reporting on the success of a campaign to tackle childhood obesity in Leeds, the Times considers an inspiration for the scheme.

It says that what it calls “extreme measures” in the city of Amsterdam have paid off, with children banned from taking fruit juice or other soft drinks into school, where only tap water is allowed, and there is a ban on cakes and sweets in the classroom.

The Daily Express has a report about how traces of drugs – both legal and illegal – are finding their way into Britain’s waterways.

The paper says some of the highest levels of over-the-counter medicines, such as ibuprofen and paracetamol, recorded anywhere in the world have been found during a year-long study of the Humber estuary.

Tests revealed traces of cocaine in 100% of samples and the paper says the findings have raised concerns that the drugs are being ingested by aquatic and marine life.

Finally, the Sun claims that Marks & Spencer has been accused of “killing Percy Pig” – by quietly turning all versions of the popular sweets vegetarian.

Percy Pig sweets

It says the retailer has stripped the treats of gelatine, leading to accusations that they are now “disgusting” and taste “like washing-up liquid”.

A spokesman for M&S tells the Sun customers have been asking for the move and that “the flavour is the same”.