Newspaper headlines: Iran ‘taunts’ UK and ‘new bed for Boris’

The Sunday Telegraph is among the papers to lead with new developments on the tensions between Iran and the UK, after a British tanker was seized by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in the Gulf. It says ministers are drawing up sanctions for the Iranian regime, adding that Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt will use a Commons statement to announce “a package of diplomatic and economic measures” on Monday.
Front page of the Sunday Times
The Sunday Times carries an image of “the moment Iran struck Britain” on its front page and says ministers took their eye of the ball when they failed to act on previous threats. However, for its lead story, it says Europe are secretly reaching out to Boris Johnson in an attempt to avert a no-deal Brexit. According to the paper, German, French, Dutch and Belgian officials have held “peace talks” with two of Johnson’s cabinet allies, and adds that Ireland’s deputy prime minister has indicated that Dublin is prepared to compromise.
Front page of the Sunday Express
In other news, the Sunday Express reports that “Hardcore Remainer Tory MPs” have refused to pledge their loyalty to Boris Johnson, the man expected to be the next prime minister, and have told him personally that they would “bring down his government” if he pursues a no-deal Brexit,
Front page of the Mail
Taxpayers will be “spending thousands of pounds” on furniture for No10 if Boris Johnson becomes prime minister, the Mail on Sunday reports. The paper says Mr Johnson will need new furniture, including a bed, as his estranged wife has kept his belongings and his new partner, Carrie Symonds, “made it clear” she will not be lending him any of hers.